Sep 2017 - Present
Software Engineer


May 2017 - Aug 2017
Software Engineer Intern
Snap Inc.

Wrote a complete system design of a new, revenue-related service. Implemented this system by creating key, backend components. Developed features dependent on third-party partners in a modular, pluggable way.

Responsibilities included: Insuring other developers understood and conformed to the design of the system; Allowing for parallel client/backend development with mocked endpoints and a rigid API spec; Coordinating with third-party partners around blockers and our proposed implementations.

Tools Used: Java, Protobufs, SQL, Google Cloud Platform.

Feb - May 2017
Revenue/Release Software Engineer Intern

Created UI intergration tests for revenue releated features on iOS and Android. Built an automated script to pull language translations dynamically from an internal service. Configured Jenkins CI jobs to run the above and taught others how to do the same.

Responsibilities included balancing responsibilities between writing UI tests and managing CI jobs; Training others in developing and configuring CI jobs; Writing test cases to prevent financially destructive bugs.

Tools used: Espresso, Bash, Python, Ruby, KIF Framework

Sep 2016 - Present
Freelance Software Engineer


Oct 2015 - Aug 2016
Software Engineer in Test at Vine

Setup swift/XCUITest based test framework and automated all major critical regression tests. Integrated the test suite with Jenkins CI using a ruby deployment script. Built a tool that visualizes steps to easily reproduce a bug from the error log. Developed a honeypot iOS app that is used as a standarized evaluation tool for interviewing candidates

Responsibilities included cross-functional team collaboration to determine the quality of the upcoming releases; running a weekly design review meeting with the UX and QA teams to surface all usability issues; ensuring the stability of test jobs on jenkins

Improved my code styling and implemented best practices to write maintainable tests to improve the efficiency of the engineering team

Apr 2016 - Dec 2017
Head of Infrastructure
Tech@NYU - Student Club

Manage a team of engineers whose purpose is to make tools, services, and apps that assist the club in day-to-day operations.

Responsibilities include setting goals and deadlines, determining projects to focus on, and managing the server infrastructure.

Constantly distilling club needs into actionable projects and assignments as well as working with engineers to determine the best way to accomplish those objectives.

June - Aug 2015
iD Tech

Taught kids aged 7-17 various programming techniques, languages, and methods

Responsibilities included lesson planning, materials preparation, lesson instruction, and student assistance.

As the lead instructor for my group of students, I was required to demonstrate patience and make use of age-appropriate interpersonal skills.

Aug 2014 - Apr 2015
Sept - Nov 2015

Lighting Electrician
NYU Tisch Graduate School of Dance

Frequently assist the production team as they approached the opening of a new show

Responsibilities include reading light plots, hanging lights, and working with objects weighing 50 pounds or more while 30 to 50 feet in the air.

Learned the value of following instructions, but also how to improvise when instructions were unclear or when the task required it. Had to remain constantly open to learning, willing to admit mistakes as well as willing to correct them, and diligent as we struggled to meet hard-and-fast deadlines.

June 2014, 2015, 2016
Video Production Intern
The Edge Conference

Worked close to 18 hours a day for 11 days.

Responsibilities included framing shots, filming, and editing.

Also ran a video switcher, a live camera, and an intelligent lighting board.

        *The Edge Conference is a 11 day, 1400 student, middle-school summer camp in Chattanooga, Tennessee

May - Aug 2013
IT Intern
First Presbyterian Church

Summer internship as the employer up scaled their production and IT needs

Performed a variety of IT related tasks, such as computer repair, setting up servers, installing and maintaining network infrastructure, and interfacing with employees to discuss IT needs.

Had a variety of video production responsibilities including recording, editing, color correction, and other post production needs as well as determining content and selecting background music.

Learned much about information technology, network administration, and computer management, as well as professionalism, in an active business environment.

Projects that I have developed, released, and maintain

To help you stay in touch with the people you care about

The search for the perfect playlist

Debate Space
A live feed of trusted commentators during political events

CCM Apps
Helping community groups stay up-to-date

Music Artist's social media network

Digitally Defined
My personal blog mangagment platform

Awards & Honors

Best Use of Amazon Web Services
HackRU, Spring 2015, PlayPerf App

Here's how to get ahold of me.






I love learning new things and am constantly trying to teach myself new things. Expanding my knowledge and skills is a daily goal.

Web Programming(Front)
HTML, CSS, Javascript, Angular, Sass, Bootstrap

Web Programming(Back)
NodeJs, Express, MongoDB, Apache2, Django, Jetty

Java, Objective-C, Swift, Android, Python, Bash, Git, Puppet, Jenkins, Protobufs

Networking Skills
DNS, IP tables, network configuration, subnets, firewalls, VPN, reverse proxies

Virtualization Experience
Run a virtualized VMware ESXi home server remotely; runs a variety of servers including the host of this website

Audio/Visual Experience
Experience in a variety of production environments and roles with professional level equipment


New York University
Persuing BA in Computer Science, Aug 2014 - Dec 2017

Westminster High School
Graduated May, 2014 with Honors. Member of National Honor Society and Beta Club.